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WHAT is virtual office ?

provision of a registered office address, business address or just contact address to the client, receipt of mail for the client, provision of phone (land line) and/or fax number, receipt of faxes and phone calls for the client, meting rooms and working rooms hire, webhosting, all without the need to pay rent for office premises and its maintenance. Our services are conducted from real office premises with daily presence of the competent staff. 

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WHY virtual office ?

MONEY - why pay a rent for office premises ? With your virtual office you do not have to, you can save and such saved extra money can use for whatever you like...

FREEDOM - why ever bother with daily running the office ? Well,  you do not have to anymore, your virtual office will give you freedom to concentrate on your business....

FLEXIBILITY - why to have an actual office and go there every morning ? Do you really need it ? You can manage your business from your virtual office wherever you are...

TIME - benefits of your virtual office provide you with more of what is priceless - time - to be spend on what you have always dreamt for but have never had time to pursue..

We have already tried it, and since we like you, we will unable you with us to enjoy benefits of virtual office.

Some EXAMPLES of virtual office

Are you start-up and unsure about a future / how will it go ? 

Then, instead of renting office premises and paying the rent, maintenance fees and overheads, isn't it wise to wait and see how your business will perform and use your virtual office meantime ? with your business address, receipt of mail, telephone or/and fax number, meeting or/and working room, secretarial and administrative services provided.  

Are you foreign business and want to open branch in Slovakia or Great Britain ?

You can increase your effectiveness and profit by decreasing your costs of renting office premises and overheads simply by using virtual office services - we provide you with your business address, receipt of mail, telephone or/and fax number, meeting or/and working room, secretarial services and translation services.   

Are you busy businessperson who rarely use and works from the office ? 

Then, you most probably do not need office premises and a wise alternative is virtual office - with services such as prestigious business address, regular receipt of mail, telephone or/and fax number, meeting or/and working rooms at your disposal you will still keep your professional business image, however you will save considerably by not paying any rent for barely used offices.    

Are you selfemployed ? 

Are you sure that you really need to rent office premises and incur unnecessary costs ? What about keeping costs down and your profit up with your virtual office ? - reliable business address, regular receipt of mail, telephone or/and fax number, meeting or/and working rooms at your disposal, secretarial and administrative services - you will pay only for what you use.  

Are you travel frequently or live abroad and you need to have your post regularly received and administered ?

Use our contact address service - we reliably receive your mail and inform you wherever you are. We are Personal Service. Try it.