1. What is virtual office?
Virtual office is using a full range of office services without renting or owning own actual office premises, i.e. without hassle with managing the actual office, paying secretary, rent or overheads. There are several services (for instance provision of the registered office address, meeting rooms in various sizes, mail forwarding, telecom services, secretarial and administrative services) of which a client can choose what he needs and what suits him at the time.

2. What are pros of virtual office?
Simply said - more MONEY, more TIME, more FREEDOM.

3. Who is provider of virtual office?
Virtual office services are provided from 2008 in Slovakia and the UK through our company providers Virtual Office s.r.o, Virtual Office Services s.r.o., Virtual Office (UK) Services Ltd as a part of VASIL & Partners group hence utilizing existing office space and infrastructure of law firm.

4. What are setup fees?
None, we do not charge any setup fees, you pay just for using the particular service, not for its activation.

5. When can I use my virtual office?
Depending on the services you have requested, but generally within 24 hours after filling in and sending order and payment to us.

6. Is there any minimum period of using the virtual office?

7. What is difference between provision of the registered office address service and provision of just contact address?
Some clients need to have registered office address provided (e.g. they need to have a prestigious address), other need only contact address e.g. for regular and reliable receipt of mail because of their long-term living or working abroad.

8. How often my mail will be forwarded to me?
As often as you wish, your incoming mail is sent to you via email (scanned) on the day of its receipt, you can collect in anytime in person at the offices or can be forwarded to you (standard is once or twice per week) to the address you have given us.

9. Price for service Mail is ...... EUR/GBP, are there any other fees in relation to this service?
Yes, if you have requested that your incoming mail is to be forwarded to you, the cost of such sending is charged at normal post office rates (or courier if you wish courier delivery service).

On setting up this service a postage deposit is automatically setup with a balance of 20 EUR/GBP and the costs of sending post to you will be deducted from this deposit as a when post is sent out.

10. When will my faxes be sent to me? Is their number limited?
Our fax service sends out faxes for you instantly, faxes are sent and delivered directly to your email address. Number of faxes is not limited.

11. Can I have a telephone number just for my use?
Yes, on your request a telephone number will be allocated to you, it will be for your use only.

12. How are telephone answering service messages sent?
Telephone messages left by your callers are sent to your email address, you will receive it as an email with attachment, you open attachment and can listen to your telephone message.

13. Can I have incoming calls diverted to my own phone?
Yes, you can have telephone calls diverted to any land line or mobile phone anywhere you are.

14. When should I book a meeting room?
The sooner, the better. We recommend you to notify us at least 24 hours in advance as we need to prepare a meeting room for you according to your needs.

15. When using a meeting room, is refreshments and internet access included?
Yes, also included are flip-chart, laptop, fax, paper shredder.

16. Are there any fees for termination my virtual office?
No, we do not charge any exit fees. No refund will be given for monies already paid for ordered service.

17. What other services are provided?
For instance accounting services, legal services, translating and interpretation services, car hire (with choffeur) , tax consultancy. Our aim is to meet any of your requests or wishes as your actual office.

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